Remarkable High Quality Colour Construction Paper Pad or Pack, one of the best for kids craft project, multiple colours, paper grammages, sizes available

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Crafting is a fun activity which keeps both parents and their kids busy and encourages creativity to a higher level, especially when it comes to kids. There are many craft related activities which kids can perform on their own, and paper crafting is one of the most interesting as well as the most exciting works.

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Colour construction paper is one of the best for paper crafting, which is safe and clear for fun.

We manufacture construction paper pads or packs in high quality. Various sheets, colours, sizes, paper grams, packages or binding systems available. 

Brightly-colored, high-strength, heavyweight construction paper with long, strong fibers that cut clean and fold evenly without cracking. All purpose, high bulk, smooth textured. Made with a chemical-free pulping process to help ensure a cleaner environment.

High-strength groundwood construction makes this paper easy for kids to work with… and you're going to love the savings! All-purpose paper stands up to everyday classroom use with the same scoring, folding and curling qualities of more expensive brands. Smooth texture and a soft, eggshell finish give it a clean look, while the bright color assortments make sure you get just what you need! Recyclable. Each package contains 50 sheets. In more than 2 dozen colors and a 10-color multicolor assortment (includes white, violet, blue, brown, yellow, pink, black, green, red and orange). Please specify color when ordering.

Whether you're teaching a kindergarten, preschool or secondary school classroom, construction paper projects are among children's favorite activities! Help your kids make clean and tough cutouts for their colorful paper constructions and enjoy countless hours of fun and inspiration.

Thanks to the special texture and design, this groundwood paper will stay bright and look fresh and new, even after weeks! What is more, the amazing variety of solid, eye-catching colors makes it perfect for arts and crafts lessons for young and older children.

What are you waiting for? Let your kids unleash their imagination and creativity!

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