Excellent and Remarkable Quality Adhesive PVC Foam Board in sheets for kids craft, decoration, advertising …… Various colours, thicknesses or sizes available

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Product Type: FB070-02

PVC Foam Board is the PVC extruded foam sheets with a flat matte or glossy finish.It is a new type of environmental protective plastic materials instead of woods. Its main material is PVC resin and additives,shaped through foaming and pressing. It covers not only the feature of wood and plastic but also itself’ other features.

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We manufacture adhesive foam board, which a wide variety of options are available to our global clients, such as foam board colours, luminated surface materials, thicknesses ( from 3 mm to 10 mm ), sizes ( from A5 to A3 or 70 cm x 100 cm ), packages, ect.

We supply all kinds of specification of adhesive PVC foam board in high quality.

PVC foam board can be subjected to secondary thermal forming and cutting process. The product has a smooth surface, and can be used for professional printing and photos. It can be planed, drilled, nailed, adhered and subjected to other processing technologies by ordinary wood tools. And it can be welded according to general welding procedures, and can also be bonded with other PVC materials.

PVC foam board can be hot forming, nail, drill, rivet, dig,stick and etc. Be widely used in DIY, kid craftwork, school education, furniture,decoration, construction,automobile,ship,advertising and other fields, especially in cabinet, toilet partition walls, etc. Our PVC foam boards/sheets are water resistant,moisture resistant,strong and durable,non-toxic,eco-friendly, high praised by our global customers.

PVC foam boards also be used to advertising or business promotion, such as advertising solvent printing, display plate, silk-screen, computer lettering, sign plate, lightbox, inner & out decoration panel, commercial decorating shelf, room separating panel, roof decorating panel and other industries, ect.

This adhesive PVC foam board is the perfect stuff applied to the fields of advertisement, business campaign or promotion, DIY, kids’ craft work, indoor or outdoor decoration, party decorative, stationery of indoor and office, kitchen and toilet, ect.

A typical existing assorted craftwork paper pad includes 10 pcs of tissue paper in 10 colours,10 pcs of cardboard in 10 colours, 7 pcs of cellophane paper in 7 colours,10 pcs of glossy paper in 10 colours, 5 pcs of aluminium foil in 5 colours.

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