High Quality Glitter Wallpaper for Home Decor, Office or Event Interior Decoration. Various Paper Thicknesses, Colours or Styles Available

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Product Type: GP012-03

Glitter powder includes aluminum, polyester, magic color, and laser glitter powder., which is made by aluminum, PET or PVC. The different raw materials can withstand different degrees of high temperature (80 – 300℃).

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Product Description

Glitter powder has a wide range of uses. It can be applied on the surface of various materials such as paper, cloth, wood, metal, leather, plastic, ceramics, etc. to form decorative or reflective effects by injecting, screening, printing, coating or spraying. It is widely used in Christmas decoration items, fabric printing, paper printing, trademark weaving, handicrafts, fashion, ties, gift packaging, textile printing and dyeing, artificial glue flowers, stationery, toys and many other industries or products.

Our company has been manufacturing glitter heat transfer vinyl over years. Standing as one of the best manufacturers in this business of China, our product has rich and bright colors and novel and unique pattern designs. Glitter powder enhances the visual effect of various products to the extreme. The decorative parts are uneven and three-dimensional. Intense, brilliance is striking.

Glitter Wallpaper is one of our company's most popular glitter paper/film products for global customers, which is mainly applied to:

1, Home Decor; furniture, interior walls (cabinets, table tops, windowsills, washbasins, backsplashes, bars, stairs, countertops, etc.)

2, Hotel, shopping mall, office interior decoration.

3, Wedding and other events interior decoration.

Having been decorated by our company's glitter wallpaper, the decorative effectiveness of the places or the items definitely be risen to a new level, which is much more individual, beautiful, comfortable, luxurious and distinctive.

Main product specifications

Wallpaper material:
1. Glitter powder: anodized aluminum 1/128" powder
2, Adhesive layer: polyurethane (PU)
3, virgin mechanical wood pulp or non-woven paper

Wallpaper size: 53 cm x 5 m / roll.
Wallpaper grams: PET glitter powder and adhesive - 90 gsm (± 10 gsm)
Base paper - 90 gsm
Total Grams - 180 gsm ( ± 10 gsm )
Wallpaper thickness: 280 μm ± 20 μm
Packing: Inner cored, 0.6-0.7 kg / roll

Product Features

1, Environmentally friendly product
2, The brightness of the wallpaper can be selected, resulting in a 3D effect.
3, there is a slight powder drop
4, side cutting edge, no deckle edge
5, can be seamlessly spliced in the decoration
6, the product is waterproof
7, wallpaper can be printed or hot stamped
8, Accept customized color/scallion powder/size/packaging etc.

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