Printable Glitter Paper in A4: One of the best way to personalize your own project or craft works. Shine and 3D imagine. High quality and affordable price

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Product Type: GP012-03

Glitter powder includes aluminum, polyester, magic color, and laser glitter powder., which is made by aluminum, PET or PVC. The different raw materials can withstand different degrees of high temperature (80 – 300℃).

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Glitter powder has a wide range of uses. It can be applied on the surface of various materials such as paper, cloth, wood, metal, leather, plastic, ceramics, etc. to form decorative or reflective effects by injecting, screening, printing, coating or spraying. It is widely used in Christmas decoration items, fabric printing, paper printing, trademark weaving, handicrafts, fashion, ties, gift packaging, textile printing and dyeing, artificial glue flowers, stationery, toys and many other industries or products.

Our company has been manufacturing glitter heat transfer vinyl over years. Standing as one of the best manufacturers in this business of China, our product has rich and bright colors and novel and unique pattern designs. Glitter powder enhances the visual effect of various products to the extreme. The decorative parts are uneven and three-dimensional. Intense, brilliance is striking.

Printable Glitter Paper ( A4 ) is our company's one of the most popular glitter paper/film products for our global clients, which has been widely and mainly used in:

1, Household: room or house interior decoration, family party decoration, shopping bag, invitation card, birthday card, wedding card, photo frame, Christmas card or gift, home appliance decoration, door hangings, etc.

2, Kid craftwork: DIY project, craft activities, kites, water bottles, toys, Christmas ornaments, school bag, etc.

3, Office or Business: promotion, advertising, notebook cover, presentation, office decoration, etc.

Printable Glitter Paper (A4 ) is the best answer to make your items or projects personalized!

Main product specifications

Component of Product:
1, Glitter powder(1/256" PET electroplate - surface coating)
2, Adhesive connection - Polyurethane (PU)
3, Base paper(double coated paper 200 gsm )
Size: A4
Package: 10 sheets/pack, weighted 0.2 Kg / pack.
Thickness: 0.38mm / sheet
Compatible Ink: Common office printer ink
Compatible printer: Common office inkjet printer

Product Features

1, Environment friendly
2, Color printed is bright and shiny
3, Offset printing, ink printing, digital printing
4, Non-shedding allowed
5, It is not easy to bend, good folding resistance
6, Colour unfadable.
7, Customized size, base paper grammage or package are available.

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