Electrostatic / Magic Blackboard Film: Removable and Reusable for business and school. Environment Friendly. One of the best for promotion, presentation and office work

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Product Type: MC090-02

To cling virtually to any hard & smooth indoor surfaces, this static blackboard film is writable with water or oil based markers, easy to remove and reposition while leaves no residue, glue or chemical.

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Ideal for brainstorming, presentation, instruction, discussion, etc.

Various specifications available.

This is one of our most popular stationery products.

A typical existing assorted craftwork paper pad includes 10 pcs of tissue paper in 10 colours,10 pcs of cardboard in 10 colours, 7 pcs of cellophane paper in 7 colours,10 pcs of glossy paper in 10 colours, 5 pcs of aluminium foil in 5 colours.

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