Colour Tissue Paper for Craftwork or Gift Wrapping

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We have been producing and supplying 100% wood pulp color – in tissue paper to our global clients. There are over 40 standarded colours available or special colours from our client with a reasonable MOQ. Our tissue paper quality is one of the best in this industry.

MF and MG tissue paper, it is delicate,flat,smooth,and suitable for printing, widely used in gifts, clothing and footwear wrapping. It is also used to make paper flower,holiday decorations and crafts. Paper weighted 14-22gsm, bleeding and colorfast quality, you can choose different quality according to your demand.

Besides, our paper mill also produces acid-free paper and colour wax paper.

We are ready to supply our global clients high quality colour tissue paper in various sizes, colours, weights and packages. And we can also provide this kind of paper in jumbo roll.

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We manufacture assorted craftwork paper pad or block in high quality, various kinds of paper, colours, sheets, sizes, paper grams available. 4C printed cover sheet in 250 gsm with 250 gsm greycard as back sheet.

A typical existing assorted craftwork paper pad includes 10 pcs of tissue paper in 10 colours,10 pcs of cardboard in 10 colours, 7 pcs of cellophane paper in 7 colours,10 pcs of glossy paper in 10 colours, 5 pcs of aluminium foil in 5 colours.

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