High Quality Real Aluminium or BOPP Metallic Paper or Film, Multiple Paper Grammages, Sizes, Colours and Packages Available, in Sheet or in Roll

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Looking for a way to make your gift more special from the rest or the orthers? By wrapping yours in our gift wrapping paper may be one of the answers.

Paper is cheap and can be used for a lot of purposes, one of  the most important is to wrap gifts.

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We are producing and supplying our global clients  aluminium foil or metallic cardboard, either in plain or embossed. There are over 40 standarded embossing styles available or special ones from our client with a reasonable MOQ. Our aluminium foil or metallic embossed cardboard quality is one of the best in this industry.

Foil paper is shiny and reflective on one side and the back of the paper is usually just white or grey. It’s quite thin, measures around 50 gsm and has a smooth texture. To make this paper a colour is printed onto a roll foil which is then glued to regular paper using acrylic styrene. After it’s dried the paper is cut into squares and whatever shapes and sizes are requested.

Metallic foil or paper is our company's one of the most popular products for our global clients, which has been widely and mainly used in:

1, Household: family party decoration, shopping bag, invitation card, birthday card, wedding card, Christmas card or gift, etc.

2, Kid craftwork: DIY project, craft activities, Christmas ornaments, etc.

3, Office or Business: promotion, advertising, notebook cover, presentation, office decoration, etc.

If you’re folding anything that you want to give a metallic look then this is the paper to use. It’s also perfect to fold anything from beginner-level to super complex since it’s so easy to fold and shape. Whatever you fold though will be shiny and metal looking which might not be want you want all the time.

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